Shell’s Scrap Space

Saturday, January 31, 2009


And here we are....another new blogger!!

I have been blog surfing for months now and figure it was my turn to contribute to the ramblings of complete strangers that we all seem to get addicted to so easily...why is that do you think? Are we all really that nosey that someones uneventful day has all of a sudden become interesting? Well, I just thought this would be a good place to jot down some bits and pieces about my day and the things we get up to as a family, something to look back on and remember and a little more 'advanced' than keeping a traditional journal or diary.

My parents and brother and his family live in QLD so it will also serve as a bit of a catch up for them too.

I will try really hard to update it a couple of times a week but we'll see! I'm very good at starting things and not finishing them - right about now I hear all my friends and family say "oh really??" - Note the sarcasm!

Today has been a little stressful and sad. We looked after my niece Isabelle today because her baby brother - my youngest nephew Nate was admitted to hospital this morning with a severe case of cold sores. The poor little man is in a real state. They are in and around his mouth, down his throat and he can't swallow without pain and discomfort. Unfortunately it turns out that the doctor they saw earlier in the week misdiagnosed his condition as a viral infection!! Had this been diagnosed correctly all of his pain could have been avoided. I tell you, makes me so mad to hear things like this! Hopefully he will make a hasty recovery and be back at home within a couple of days.

Daniel is at work and Abbey has just gone to bed and it's already after 10pm so I think it might be too late to start any scrapping. I do have a page i started last night that just needs to have the title put on it but I can't be bothered dragging the Cricut out just for that so I will just bum around on the computer for a while until Daniel gets home from work.

Tomorrow it's back to the normal Sunday routine of getting all the ironing done for the working/school week urgh! I loved the Christmas school holidays, the relaxed attitude you adopt over the break is so lovely it's a shame to get back into it.

Abbey is not looking forward to Monday. She is starting swimming lessons. She just called me into her bedroom with a few tears asking me if the swimming teacher will let her go. I assured her the teacher will not let her drown but she doesn't believe me! Poor pet, she's so worried. If only she knew the reason for sending her to lessons is to get rid of that fear. Daniel and I have been trying to teach her for years but it's just getting too hard now so it's time to send her to lessons where she might actually listen (because it's not us) and therefore learn how to do it.

For someone who didn't think I would have anything to write about in a blog I've certainly said a lot.

Until next time....
Shell xx