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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch up....

I really need to find the time to blog more often!

May has been an incredibly busy month for us with birthday's, baptism's and lots of other celebrations!

Last weekend Mother's Day was gorgeous. I won't be sharing any pics with you, somehow I don't think the shots of me in my pj's having breakfast in bed are what you come here for! haha

Daniel and Abbey got up early and bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was soooo yummy, wow, what a delicious way to spend the morning! Abbey also surprised me with a cute little gift from the mother's day stall at school. Daniel gave her $3 and told her to pick something for me. She picked a pin cushion, a pot holder and a hand towel all wrapped in cellophane and a ribbon. Bless her! I have absolutely no use for a pin cushion (I don't sew) or a crochet pot holder (I don't have a tea pot) but she chose them because they were green and green is my favourite colour. What a sweet heart huh!?

Yesterday we had my niece's 3rd birthday party. It was a dress-up party. The kids could come as whatever they liked. Abbey wanted to go as a netball player but my niece had given her strict instructions she was to come as a mermaid! So, Ariel the mermaid it was.....

All the kids had a fantastic time playing and chasing the dad's and poppy too of course! They were all warn out by the end of the day.

Last night we spent decorating my birthday cake. It's my birthday tomorrow but seeing as it falls on a Monday we decided to have the family over for cake and coffee this morning. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I received lovely gifts and spent some time with those that I love the most!!!

(don't all paper crafter's use their crafting supplies to decorate their cake?)

Just as I was about to sit down and eat lunch I heard a knock at the door and there was my thoughtful neighbour Carole....holding a bottle of wine and some roses from her garden. She had heard everyone singing happy birthday to me in the yard this morning and thought she would bring me a sweet of her!! Will have to post a pic of those roses at a later date. They are so pretty!

Daniel and I also have our wedding anniversary tomorrow (We got married on my 30th birthday) so I always get an extra special gift. This year Daniel and Abbey bought me a white gold and diamond pendant...lucky girl huh?? (this is the best pic I can show you of it so far).

and here we are....4 years ago on our wedding day!

These pictures bring such a smile to my face. We had such a lovely wedding day! look how cute Abbey was as flower girl. These pics are also very inspirational. I am working very hard to get that slim figure back!! I joined weight watchers and I am getting on my treadmill 5 days a week and working my butt off - literally!!!! I have been enjoying the exercise so much which is odd for me. Whenever I get a little bored with it I will just look at these wedding pictures and it will motivate me instantly!

Anyway, better go and get everything organised for the week of school and work ahead. Hope everyone has a great week!

Shell xx


deana said...

Abbey makes an adorable Little Mermaid!

♥ the old wedding photos... so pretty!

I knew there was something I liked about you... your birthday is 2 days before mine & our weddding anniversary is shortly after my birthday, too... on the 28th! Add Mother's Day to the mix & May is a busy month for BOTH of us! Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a FUN day & I hope it's a GREAT year! :-)

Anonymous said...

hey aunty shell
hope u had an awesome day! i sent you a txt today. i remembered :D go me :D haha.
Abbey looks so adorbale. miss her and you and EVRYONE SoSO much!
lots of love
PS. im getting rede for the storm game tonite! eeeek so exciting :D im wearing my beanie so i have to straighten my hair otherwise i look like i have no hair and a massive lump on my head hahah

Sar said...

Hope you had a happy birthday today, Michelle! The kids did have a good time on Saturday didn't they, it was lovely. Your wedding photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing, look how little Abbey was. :)


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