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Monday, June 8, 2009

A wonderful 3 day weekend

The weekend was spent crafting and spending time with family. What a great weekend!!!

Saturday was spent at Daniel's uncles house for a BBQ are a couple of pics of Isabelle and Abbey enjoying their ice cream cones after lunch.

Sunday night, my gorgeous little niece Isabelle had a sleep over with us.

The girls made their own dinner....ham and pineapple pizza.
Thank goodness Daniel and I weren't eating that, look at their hands all over the food!!
They LOVED eating their own creation.

A fun weekend was had by all...especially once I got myself into 'craft mode'. I have an order of baby boy thank you cards to make and I have never had to make boy things before. It took me a long time to get into the idea of not making things frilly and girly. It was a struggle, believe me!! I even email Sar at some ungodly hour to see if she was still up so I could bounce some ideas off her. Thanks for your feedback Sar! xo

Here are a couple of my creations, keep in mind they are rough designs only. Not the 'real thing' so they are a little rough around the edges just to give her an idea of the design.

the next 2 cards I got the sketch from a card that Karen did. I can't find it again on her blog so sorry, I can't direct you to the original but trust me, it is GORGEOUS!!

The turtles are my know I love adding cute little critters to my cards, they're adorable!! Now I just have to wait and see what she decides on, fingers crossed it's the turtles!

I will be posting again soon, I'm just finishing my card for the sweet sunday sketch.

Shell xx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Ooohh what a treat I've had tonight!!!..Shell, firstly you are so very welcome... you can email me anytime. And these little turtle's OMG, how adorable are they!!! Oohh they're lovely!!! and oh so cute.

xx Sar

deana said...

Adorable photos & cute cards! ♥ the turtles! :-)

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