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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a new start needs a new look

I have been THE slackest blogger EVER!!

I thought a new look blog (and a new name) might just get me motivated to start blogging more often (it's cute huh?).

My scrapping has been very slow over the last couple of months and I guess I can put it down to all the changes going on around here. Daniel is no longer working away which means I don't have all the free time I once had - not that I feel I can't scrap when he's around but I would much rather spend time with he and Abbey than put myself in a room alone to scrap. What's the point scrapping if I'm not creating the moments TO scrap?!?!?'s to creating special moments to scrap and actually getting the journalling and pics down on paper!!

NOW, I actually have a couple of layouts to post but the pics are a little dark so hopefully the sun will bless us tomorrow and I'll have nice bright, clear pics to share.

We're currently in our second week of school holidays here in NSW and Abbey and I have been spending lots of time together and really having a blast. Unfortunately she was very sick the first 4-5 days of the holidays but thankfully she's back to her normal self. We have seen 2 movies in the last couple of days - Ice Age 3 and the Hannah Montana movie and might I say that both were great! I didn't think I would enjoy the Hannah Montana one as much as I did but definitely worth watching, especially if you have an (almost) 7 year old who is obsessed with everything Hannah Montana!! it was so much fun listening to her sing along to the tunes and dance a little in her seat. In fact, sitting in the theatre with that many little girls was very memorable, lots of cute little giggles all round!

I'll see ya back here tomorrow for those layouts but until then I'll leave you with a little self portrait of my family and I (can't leave you with no pics at all can I?)

This pic was taken on daniel's birthday - we forgot to get a pic together with the cake so did it at abbey's story time when we remembered - oh well, better late than never!

Shell xx

p.s. happy birthday to the youngest member of our family - miss molly!! my lovely little niece is 1 today. Looking forward to spending time with her on Sunday at her baptism/birthday :)


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Wooo Hooo!!!! Hello There my love... how exciting.... EXCITING that you're back (i've missed you), and EXCITING about a new look blog... well it's a BIG bit nice isn't it... very cute and gorgeous. LOVE it.
Your photo is gorgeous too... what a beautiful photo. And, I will be waiting for your lovely new pages to appear tomorrow... I'd like to say I'll stay up all night waiting... and I'd love to... but I must get my beauty sleep... well at least as much as my darlings will allow.
I hope Abbey is much better now, I know how you were feeling... Jorja was sick with that awful gastro bug and whatever else for almost 3 wks. Enjoy the rest of the hols and hope to chat soon.

xx Sar

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