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Saturday, October 10, 2009

only 1 layout

from the midnight crop at Savvy last night. I have another half done and have tried to get it finished all day today but the housework keeps getting in the way!!

Here is my ONE layout....A scrap lift from somewhere out in blog land (if it's yours please let me know and I'll link it back to you).

I know I have scrapped a couple of these pics before but when I saw this layout I just knew these pics were perfect for it so I just scrapped them again.

It's still a little chilly here today unfortunately so it looks like another day indoors. We all have a little sniffle, I don't want it taking hold so we'll just stay out of the weather.

I will try and get that other layout finished before it gets dark so I can at least take a pic and post it tonight.

Shell xx


deana said...

I ♥ how you stitched the big 7 on there & the stars are too cute! :-)

Marisa said...

wow awesome layout Shell! Love the large number...hope your sniffle doesn't get any worse, take care!

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