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Friday, August 20, 2010

my baby turned 8!

Here she is all happy to see the present she had been praying for

Having 8 mini pancakes (for an 8 yr old) for breakfast...
All ready for school with her prized posession, Go-Go the walking pup
a family pic....this one is for the CH girls, notice the black and white! lol

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, she had a fab day!! xx


Samantha said...

Oh, she is such a cutie! She looks so excited, and those eyes of hers are just like Em's. I saw that comment you made that our girls look alike, and omg they do!!!

Jasmine S said...

Very cute photos Shell. Obviously one happy 8 year old gal. xx

mel said...

HA HA!!! Knew I'd get ya!!! Never have too much attention!!
Love these photos, she is so sweet and how much sugar had she had by this time???
Yes b&w makes you look even more gorgeous LOL
is that candlelight too or a bit of PS

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