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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 more sleeps....

Abbey is counting down the steps until the Veronicas concert. 3 more sleeps to go. Daniel and I went shopping while she was at school yesterday and bought her the cutest Veronicas T-shirt and hat. She is gonna look like such a little rock chick. I had it all laid out on her bed for her when she got home and she was stoked! She got dressed in it straight away and then made us sit on her bed while she sang and danced to a Veronicas song for us. too cute!

I had a really bad day at work today (my boss is not the nicest person) so came home early. try and lift my mood we went to the video shop and hired a comedy and I'm really looking forward to a nice dinner with my family, pj's and popcorn. I'm not even in a scrapping mood!! Sorry to bore you with my whining....anyway, here's a layout I did a while back for an Inspired Blueprints sketch. I don't really like the layout (again, I tried something different - using the pp as a base rather than the cs - won't do that again) but I love the pictures so one day I will re-do this layout (maybe lol)

Until next time,
Shell xx


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