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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rainy weekend...

What a lovely weekend to eat, scrap and dag around in your PJ's! That's basically what we did this weekend. Yesterday was spent having pancakes for breakfast and not getting out of our PJ's until lovely! We went to Damo and Hayleys for dinner last night. Damo cooked the most comforting food ever....roast lamb and roast vegetables, delicious. Hayley and I then proceeded to scrap the night away and we didn't get home until just after midnight.

This morning was spent similarly to yesterday, we all slept a little later than normal (9.30am) after our late night the night before and then again totally enjoyed the rainy weather by showering and putting clean PJ's on...yes you read right.....we put pajamas back on!! Abbey and I then scrapped all afternoon while Daniel took a trip to Sydney for a 2nd interview for the job he is hoping to get at Five Dock (fingers crossed everyone).

So, here are the layouts I managed over the course of the weekend.....

This one is for sketch #9 at Inspired Blueprints

This one is from February sketches at pagemaps

This one is also from the Feb sketches at pagemaps

Daniel reckons he'll get punched out if anyone sees the xox on this page but I don't care, they are staying right where they are!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as I did!?
shell xx


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