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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Sad Week

This past week has been a long and sad one.. as we waited with anticipation to see if all 29 miners were rescued we heard the sad news that another explosion had gone off and there would be no survivors.  A few hours afterward I saw this little Facebook and thought I'd upload it for those that may not have seen it.

The church bells rang 29 times so we knew it was final & the end of the line. Now 29 miners are at heaven's gate with coal silt dirty faces asking "Is it to late?" When God replies with a grin "No my children come on in!" They place their mining lights gently on heaven's floor then God said "Job well done. leave your boots at the door" R.I.P GUYS. xx

I come from a family of underground coal miners.  A few years ago we lost my uncle to a mining accident and my grandfather was lucky to have only lost a finger rather than his life in a mining accident and both of my brothers and my step father are underground coal miners.  Every time something like this happens I think of the men in my family that have suffered injury or worse because of their job and thank my lucky stars that my brothers and step father are safe.  Spare a thought for those families left behind from this disaster and others like it....these men were just doing their jobs!!!


Donna said...

Very sad :(

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