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Monday, November 15, 2010


....we spent the afternoon/evening with Damo, Hayles and the kids.  I didn't actually realise how much time we spend together or talk on the phone to each other until they went away for a week, we missed them so much!  They got home last night and Abbey was absolutely BUSTING to go and play with her cousins. 

While we were there Hayles and I got to talking about how Nate really is looking so much like a little boy now...not a baby anymore and when I got home and went through my photos I found this one.  I couldn't believe how much he has changed recently and what a little heart breaker he'll be in a few years time.

I'm sure you'll agree he's absolutely adorable!!

Hayles, I hope you like this pic, I'll print a copy up for you through the week.

Shell x


mel said...

oh he is so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful looking boy!! Its sad when they are no longer babies but exciting to watch them grow at the same time.
Is this a new look blog?? Love it and esp. love the header photos.

Hayles said...

OMG he looks so adorable and even more grown up than i actually thought! LOVE the pic and will def have a copy!

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