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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lots of photos to share

We have returned from our camping trip and would you believe there is not 1 photo of me other than one I took myself!? I really need to train that husband of mine to take the camera occasionally so I can get in the holiday pics.

So here are some pics of our little getaway.....

Abbey doing the limbo at the disco

Abbey doing the Heal & Toe Polka at the Bush dance

My view of Abbey in the pool. I had to stay out of the sun. too much sunburn from the day before!!

Abbey fishing for the first time

Our little visitors. They were at our site at least 5 times a day. Very cute.

Daniel chillin at the campsite

a snuggle before bed

how cute is this girl of mine!?

This was the cheekiest possum ever. We fed him some carrot and he kept coming back. he even came back while we were sleeping and stole our fruit. When we woke the next morning the evidence was everywhere. Then the following night we had some friends over for drinks and he walked right up to me and Stacey and bit Stacey's finger then later he had a nibble on Daniel's toe!
I'll leave you with this pic of Abbey. This lolly pop was one of her fave christmas gifts and today she finally decided to open it. It was really delicious and then she dropped it on the tiled floor and it shattered everywhere! Thank goodness I got a pic first.
Not long after this her tooth fell out. What a valuable lesson!! That's the 6th tooth she has lost.

Well, hope you enjoyed our camping pics. Will hopefully find the time to get some scrapping done tomorrow before I head back to work Tuesday.

Bye for now
Shell xx


deana said...

Cute & fun photos! It looks very WARM there... unlike here! :-(

Tracey said...

Great photos Shell :)

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