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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of pics again

ok- so I am still waiting on my Project Life kit to arrive so until then I have to use my blog to remind me what order things are supposed to be in.....

Monday 18th January 2010 - Abbey and I spent some time playing Wii Sing it - Disney version. Abbey got her highest score singing Demi Lovato - Get Back. She was rather pleased with herself.

Tuesday 19th January 2010

We forgot to take a pic on Tuesday so I only have notes on what happened that day. Abbey spent the day with my Nanna. They walked to McDonalds for a Happy Meal then they took the bus to visit me at work and walked across to the lake to 'visit grandad' (my grandfathers ashes are scattered in his fave fishing spot at the lake near where I work). I spent the evening with my bookclub friends discussing Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Wednesday 20th January 2010 - Abbey made me a necklace...I'm wearing it today :-)

and I have 1 more pic

52 weeks of me

Week 3 - this is me....raw....natural. No makeup, hair not done etc

I'm hoping to find the time this coming weekend to scrap all 3 weeks of me before the pile gets too big and I start feeling overwhelmed.

Can't wait to get my Project Life kit....I'm desperate to start that. It should be a lot of fun!

Shell x


aussiescrapper said...

Just loving looking at your wonderful daily photos, what a great idea, you will be so happy at the end of the year to look back on these. Gorgeous without makeup by the way.

deana said...

You are doing GREAT on your Project Life photos! How awesome. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

PS... your blog is as cute as ever. Lovin' that header! :-)

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