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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pic Update

Just thought I'd take a moment to update my pics for the last week of Project Life. I have ordered my kit but will continue to post my daily pics here until it arrives so it's easy to keep track when the time comes to compile it all.

11th Jan - heading out to get some groceries

12th Jan - my view at work...lovely huh!? NOT!

13th Jan - Abbey serenading my at bedtime. Singing "you are the music in me" from HSM

14th Jan - a little treat for my girl. Nails being painted bright pink with black swirly nail art. So very grown up.

15th Jan - baking cookies. She did everything (except the hot part) all on her own. Proud Mummy!! :-)

16th Jan - my mundane task for the shopping.

17th Jan - a little sneak at a blind scrap I finished today from the Savvy forum.

that's all I have to share for now.
Shell x


aussiescrapper said...

Wow, I am very interesting in seeing what Project life is all about Shell, I love the photo for backing, shopping and even some mundane things like work lol, these are all a part of your life, what a great idea and thanks for sharing, how pretty is Abbey, especially with new nail colour.

Marcia said...

Great sharing Shell. Love your little chef there, looks like she was concentrating hard.

:) Marcia

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