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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My PC is sick!!

Yesterday I downloaded a program and when I restarted my PC it wouldn't boot up again. I have some kind of disk error message and I'm can't believe how lost I feel without it. Lucky I have my laptop to use for internet but I have no access to photos or anything!!! I will take the PC into work tomorrow morning and get it fixed and hopefully it will be all back up and running before the beginning of the month so I can upload everything to Challenge Heaven for the new month of challenges!!

Shell xx


aussiescrapper said...

Oh Shell, how awful, my modem broke this week and I lost my computer for a couple of days, it was awful, so glad you have the laptop to use. Hope you get it fixed soon and by the way I didn't even know you could chat on CH but will look out later and finally catch up with you. Love Melxx

Anne P said...

Good Luck, hope your PC gets better soon :)

Shelley said...

Hope its nothing serious Shell! I'd be lost without mine too

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