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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alphabet weekends { the letter B }

So this weekend is the second weekend of our Alphabet Weekends and we're doing the letter B. I'm looking for some ideas . So far we have:

* Beach
* Bowling
* Buddhist Temple (thanks Lis)
Daniel really wants to go and watch the Dragons play the Rabbitohs. He's trying to think of something associated with that game that begins with b lol

If you think of something please leave me a comment.

Shell x


LisaW said...

How about boofheads? That relates to footy! lol. Or Bennett, as in Wayne? hehe. Still thinking the buddhist temple is the most interesting.

Ali said...

B is for ball - both the thing they play with and the time Daniel will have. But I've got to admit boofheads works well too lol.

Jasmine S said...

Hey Shell, what about bike riding???

Julie said...

footBALL works for me!! lol!

How about a BBQ somewhere you haven't been before, or Boating??

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