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Sunday, April 26, 2009

it's been a while....

A quick update on the happenings of this week.

Abbey lost another tooth at the begining of the week and wouldn't you know it....she swallowed it!! YES - YUK! This is the 4th tooth she has lost and the 2nd one she has swallowed!! She obviously just likes the taste of teeth lol

She had to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy to explain that she swallowed it - otherwise the fairy might not come!

My best friend Rochelle FINALLY had her baby on Thursday. Her and hubby Guy welcomed Paige Eleanor into the world at 12.35pm (via a very successful water birth) weighing just over 8lbs and she is adorable!!

As you can see from the pics, Abbey didn't leave her alone, she was completely smitten with her!! She hasn't stopped asking for a baby sister since then! (thinking, thinking, thinking.....)

It's almost the end of school holidays here in NSW. Abbey had a few things on her list to do and one of them was camping....I work 5 days a week and Daniel isn't here on the weekends so the best i could do was to put a small tent up in her room and let her sleep in it.

She LOVED it! She slept in it for 2 nights in her room and then when Daniel got home from work she asked him to put the tent up in our room so he could sleep in it with her. Of course, he did it....he's so soft when it comes to Abbey. He ended up in our bed by about 4am complaining that she was taking up all the room haha.

Well, thats all folks. Time to get organised for the rest of the day. Got some washing in the machine now waiting to be hung out and then we're off into town to go to spotlight. I have to buy some iron on letters that spell TURNER. I bought my nephew a football jersey for his birthday and I want to put his name on it. The jersey is a size 0 so lets hope I can get letters small enough to fit on it! After spotlight I'm going to take abbey to an indoor play centre. It's the last thing on her list of holiday activities.

I'm hoping one of these days I feel like scrapping again!! Then I'll actually have more to share.

OH! I almost forgot....I received 2 assignments back this week and I am so happy with the results. I got a distinction for one of them (That's a B) and a High Distinction for the other (an A)!!!!! I have been patting myself on the back all week!

bye for now
Shell xx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

And a well deserved pat indeed. Well done. Gorgeous pics too. Hope you had luck with the letters... that's a lot of letters to fit on a Size 0...hahaha.

xx Sar

Hayley Turner said...

Wow that photo of Abbey and Paige is gorgeous!!(the closeup one) So Love the name, bet she's glad it's all finally over with. And YES what's going with the non-scrapping thing!! You were really on a roll!

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