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Friday, April 17, 2009

lots happening

With work and school holidays I feel that I haven't had a moment to sit for 5 forget scrapping and taking photos!!

The first week of the holidays is almost over and there is still so much we want to do
Ok - lets start with a day in the life of Abbey

Abbey spent the day with my in laws while I was at work and I gave her my old camera (and 2 massive bags of activities) to take some pictures and keep herself amused and my plan is to get them printed over the weekend and help her scrap them. Kids take the strangest shots....

Abbey's self portrait

she loves these shoes!

a picture of a photo at MIL's house

the porcelain dolls in the grandkid's bedroom at the in laws house

Nanny (MIL) - busted reading when she was babysitting :o shock horror

for some unknown reason she was allowed to take her shoes off and wander the backyard with just her socks is the 'before' shot...they are now soaking in a bucket!

So....that is what happened today...interesting huh?

other than that, she hasn't been able to do a lot of fun stuff...she did have a sleep out in Mummy and Daddy's room on Wednesday night. We squished the air mattress next to our bed and she was set, it was great...she slept until 9am the next morning!

We looked after Isabelle and Nate that afternoon and had a great time playing, singing and dancing.

And you won't believe it...I actually managed to finish an assignment this week too! WOW!!

We have a pretty full weekend coming up too. Tomorrow I am spending the day sorting paper work for my uncles business (he is so not organised) and Sunday we have a christening to go to but I need to be home by about 1ish so I can get all the ironing etc done before I have to go back to work Monday because Sunday night I will be scrapping.

I'm pretty tired this week...must be getting old! urgh!
Oh, I almost forgot. My 2 longest friends Rochelle and Kylie were both due to have their bubs on Wednesday...Kylie had her little one last night. Jack, 8lbs 12oz and poor Rochelle is still waiting. When I arrived at work this morning there was an email from her telling me she is NOT in labour! I guess she has been getting lots of phone calls asking that exact question. Not from me though, I'm restraining myself, Abbey was 10 days late and in the end I just stopped answering the phone - the constant calls were driving me crazy!

Until next time,
Shell xx


deana said...

Always fun to see your child's perspective on things! Sweet memories! Have a GREAT weekend, Shell! :-)

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