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Saturday, April 4, 2009


i WON A CHALLENGE.....ME!!!! ME!!!! I WON A CHALLENGE!!! If you can't tell, I'm rather excited about it!!

here's the layout I won with....

I love the beginning of the month because all the new challenges are out...but unfortunately haven't been able to spend as much time scrapping as I would have liked. Abbey came down with a flu Thursday night and then she started with asthma again so it's been another couple of days of very little sleep BUT, last night she was particularly sick and seeing as I was up listening to her every breath anyway I thought I might as well do something constructive to pass the time so.....scrap I did. I finished 2 challenges but didn't get a chance to take pics today so will try to get that done tomorrow so i can post them.

Our PJ day was a huge success today, we lounged, watched movies and made yellow pom poms that will transform into Easter chicks with little orange beaks and googly eyes once finished - Abbey is pretty excited to be making something for her cousins to go along with their Easter eggs.

Looking forward to getting some more scrapping done tomorrow...if I have to hang around the house washing clothes and getting ready for the week ahead I may as well enjoy the bits in between the chores.

Until next time,
Shell xx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

CONGRATULATIONS Shell!!! Of course very well deserved. Your scrap pages are ALWAYS gorgeous. I love visiting to see the all.

Hope little Abbey is better soon. We've been unwell here too... Not fun at all.

Take care and enjoy your scrapping time. And again CONGRATS.


deana said...

Beautiful LO... you SO deserved it! :-)

I hope Abbey feels better soon! I feel for you with the asthma situation. Bryn only deals with that seasonally (with her outdoor allergies) but it is SO scary sometimes & you do stay up all night making sure they're still breathing.

Hugs to you ♥...

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