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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Awesome day

I have a couple of pics to share and if you read my post from yesterday then you know I was meeting friends for lunch in the park, here are the pics.

This handsome little dude is Jay

Tallest to shortest: Tyler, Abbey and Abby

My Abbey hangin ten waiting for the girls to arrive

love this pic of Abbey

This is the beautiful view we had all day

Just had to throw this pic in from yesterday, look how unimpressed Abbey is to have more pics taken haha

Abbey takes my breathe away sometimes, she looks so grown up in this picture - what a beautiful girl I have!!

I met the girls for lunch at 11.30 and at 4pm after lunch and ice creams we were still talking like we hadn't seen each other in 20 years, oh well, it was fun and oh so relaxing! Tonight I invited my friend Charmaine over for Thai take away and a girly flick. We ended up getting Gone with the Wind and P.S. I love you but guess what....we talked too much and she left here at about midnight without even thinking about watching a movie...surely I couldn't possibly talk anymore?? well, I gotta do it all again tomorrow with Kylie and the kids....will have more pics to share tomorrow of my day out with them. I think I'm going to need a rest after this weekend (my voice will anyway).

Until next time,
Shell xx


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