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Saturday, March 28, 2009

my saturday....

...was spent relaxing with friends. Abbey and I rush around every morning to make sure we both get out the door by 8 am to get to work and school on time so last night I made it clear that we were having a 'no rush morning'...we had breakfast in bed, watching cartoons and flicking through a magazine, ahhhh bliss!!

At midday we went to visit Mishel to wish her a happy birthday for tomorrow and from there we went to the ski park and they rode the jet ski in the lake while I relaxed and watched the kids.

From there we went for a visit to Rochelle and Guy's place and we had a nice chat while the girls enjoyed playing and riding scooters in the yard.

This evening I'm not sure what Abbey and I will do but I wish there was a good movie on TV! I should be studying (I know that)!

Tomorrow we have Keira's 6th birthday party, Abbey is really looking forward to it.

Until next time,
Shell xx


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