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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pyjama Party

Abbey has been begging us for ages to have a PJ Party so we decided tonight is the night. We all went off to the shops to get supplies of yummy food and Abbey picked a movie. That means no scrapping and definitely no blogging BUT I snuck away for 5 mins.

I have started a new thing with Abbey where once a month (or thereabouts) I want to ask her the same 5 questions and see how her answers change as she grows older. Today was the first time...I think she's going to be a politician because she's always asking me to ask her questions and she calls it 'question time' we go...

1. Tell me the best thing about you

2. If you could tell me never to serve two vegetables again, which two would you choose?
Carrots and snow peas

3. What is your favourite toy?
Macamoo (her stuffed dog that lives on her bed)

4. Can you describe the most beautiful place you have visited?
School (This one made me laugh)

5.Tell me about your 2 favourite movies and why you like them so much
I like any bully because it's so funny and Carebears because they're cute.

So...there you have it, a 6 year old girl and her views. I managed to snap a couple of pics while I was asking her the questions, love the thinking face!

Until next time,
Shell xx


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