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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A couple of pics from our Sunday

First a pic that was taken last night. Abbey and I decided to watch Shrek the Third on DVD and snuggle on the lounge with popcorn and pillows - oh, it was so relaxing!

This pic cracks me up. I set the timer on the camera and had to run back to Abbey so that I didn't get a pic of my butt! As I was running back to her I was saying hurry mummy hurry and she was getting a little excited and panicy that we would miss the funny are her eyes!? As soon as I sat down and grabbed her, the flash went off!

today we had Keira's 6th Birthday party. All the girls had an amazing time together. I'm sure they will all sleep very well tonight!

Keira's grandmother made her cake. What an amazingly talented woman she is, she even made the ballerina from sugar icing, would you check out the detail.....

The school friends enjoying time together away from school.
Daniel is coming home early this week - YAY so we're going out for dinner tonight. Abbey will be so excited to see him because she's not expecting to see him until tomorrow morning because normally he comes home late Sunday night when she's sleeping.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend!

Shell xx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Gorgeous Pic Shell!!! Have a wonderful dinner.


deana said...

Adorable photo of the 2 of you....

Hope you have a GREAT week! :-)

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