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Thursday, March 26, 2009

busy busy busy....

not busy doing the things I want to do though :( It's just been one of those weeks, it started bad and it's just not getting a whole lot better! All I seem to have done this week is work, cook, wash, clean and not much sleep!! I'm really hoping for an early night tonight. OMG, listen to me whine!! poor me huh? lol

Abbey and I have been shopping this afternoon; It's her best friends birthday party on Sunday so off we went to buy a birthday present. I really struggle to buy presents for kids I don't know well. Abbey's choice was Bratz dolls, I am so over buying Bratz dolls so we scoured the shelves of Target and K-Mart until I found something that I thought was suitable and Abbey gave her approval.....
I used to love games when I was a kid...I'm hope Keira loves it. We also bought her a photo frame to put this picture in
and we'll get her a couple of girly things like bangles, lip gloss etc to finish it all off.

Daniel has only been gone 1 night and I want him to come home already!! My neighbours are driving me up the wall with their late night antics. The father goes away for work and the teenager that lives there has her friends over until all hours of the night. I have already complained once and the father promised me it wouldn't happen again, not even a week of bliss and it has started again. I think I finally got to sleep at about 1am only to be woken by my alarm at 6.45am!! Fingers crossed tonight is much quieter.

wow, sorry for the whining, it's just one of those weeks!
Shell xx


Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Hope next week is better for you. You're allowed to whine sometimes... better out than in, don't you think.


deana said...

Sleep deprivation is NO FUN... :-(

Great gift idea, especially like the framed photo... too cute! :-)

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