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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A fun day

yesterday was spent celebrating the upcoming birth of my cousin April's first baby.  Doesn't she look wonderful!!

We played fun games, ate glorious food and had a nice girly day together....all 22 of us :)  I won a bottle of Champagne and Abbey was the cutest little helper ever.  It was her job to take the orders for tea and coffee and tick them off as they were done.  My Nanna paid her $5 for the day, how cute!

Can't wait until this little bundle is here.  We haven't had a baby in the family (local) since Abbey was born, lots of cuddles for me!  Tell me....when your adult cousin has a baby, do you become a cousin to the baby or an aunt?

Shell x


Marcia @ The Stamp Spot said...

You become a second cousin - I know, I'm that a few times over!

Shell Turner said...

hhmm not fond of that idea. The poor child is only going to have 1 Aunt and she's a little 'different'. I'm putting in a formal offer to the prospective parents for Aunty status.

amanda73 said...

yep was gonna say 2nd cousin too.......and im that a few times over only become an aunt to your siblings kids......

Jasmine S said...

Yep, 2nd cousin. Wow, that is a lot of gals. I am sure it would have been great fun. Can't wait to see pics of the little bub.

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