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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Husband was so happy yesterday!!!!!

His beloved St George Illawarra Dragons won the NRL Grand Final against the Rooster 32-8 in a great game of footy!!!

I think everyone that lives in the Illawarra was happy with the scoreboard and the way the boys played yesterday.  The weather was terrible yesterday so we stayed at home to watch the game and had a really fun afternoon.  Abbey was so funny with her red t-shirt on, asking me to put a white V on her shirt - even though it's supposed to be a white shirt with the big red V lol.

Hope you all cheered on the Dragons with us :)


mel said...

Go the mighty Dragons!!! When I lived in Syd I went forthe Dragons too!! Thanks for leaving a comment for DS on my blog - he will be sooooo excited!! Cant wait to see Abbeys LO

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